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We offer both Cambridge Primary Curriculum and
the ZIMSEC curriculum.


The NJS 'silent' / internal curriculum ensures that the following aspects of a child are enhanced:

The self-esteem drive - Helping children to have a positive feeling of self-worthy and self-image in an effort to enhance and improve children’s achievement.

Pro-social and peace education - Teaching children the fundamentals of peaceful living, kindness, helpfulness, and cooperation.

Teaching thinking - The real basic of education is thinking. Teaching of reading, writing and arithmetic (3R) are necessary but no longer regarded as the basic education.

Cooperative learning - Emphasis on cooperation not competition

Specific & individualized assistance in mastery of concepts and skills

The profile of a graduate from NJS will exhibit:

  • Christian moral values

  • Academically and technologically proficient.

  • Displays creative talents to solve problems and serve others.

  • Lifelong critical thinker and learner.

  • Dialogues objectively and convincingly.

  • Pursuit of knowledge as a lifelong activity.

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